Transfer Agent Services

Everything Equity™ provides a complete range of shareholder related services including stock transfer agent, registrar, shareholder relations, dividend payment agent, option processing, proxy agent and tabulation, annual meeting services, information dissemination, and escheatment. We can also assist in corporate reorganization or merger activity serving as tender agent or exchange agent.

Stock Transfer Agent

Services include responding to shareholder correspondence and telephone inquiries, transferring certificates, maintaining shareholder records and certificate history, processing name and new address changes, placing and releasing “stops” for lost or stolen certificates, replacing lost or stolen certificates, processing legal and restricted stock transfers, holding and securing unissued certificate inventory, maintaining closed accounts for tax reporting, providing weekly transfer journals, and providing online access to shareholder records through Everything Equity’s Interactive Website (EEIW).

Dividend Paying Agent

Prepare and mail dividend checks, perform appropriate withholding, prepare and mail 1099 statements, prepare payment register, maintain stop payments, issue replacement checks, maintain account coding for escheatment, and prepare monthly check reconciliation.

Annual Meeting and Proxy Services

Prepare and mail proxy materials, identify broker and nominee accounts, tabulate proxies, provide Internet access to proxy vote through EEIW, provide report of final proxy votes, and serve as Inspector of Elections.

Online Access to Shareholder Records

Internet access to shareholder records is available to our clients through Everything Equity’s Interactive Website (EEIW). EEIW enables direct access to real-time shareholder data. This information can be downloaded into a variety of formats.

Everything Equity™ is a service of Everything Equity, Inc.