Stock and Stock Option Plans – Design and Administration Services

Attracting and retaining top talent presents critical issues for businesses and individuals; one of the ways to achieve this is to provide equity participation in the company as an inducement for executives to join the company and then to keep them in place with these “golden handcuffs” while they earn their “sweat equity”.

Our executive compensation specialists assist private companies with start-to-finish stock plan design, implementation and administration, including user-friendly documents, resolutions, and forms. This comprehensive service includes participant reports and tax notices, capitalization tables, Blue Sky compliance reports, Rule 701 or Reg. D compliance reports, equity grant guidelines, and Section 12(g) compliance reports. We also have a relationship with Solium Transcentive®), developer of the premier stock plan administration and capitalization management software program, Express Equity Suite™ adopted by so many of the Fortune 100 companies, Microsoft Corporation included.

In addition, for those companies whose ultimate destination is to become public, we routinely assist them, in our capacity as financial advisors, with corporate governance issues, the issue of reasonable executive compensation and M&A issues and the public disclosure required in connection with such activity. We also help them ensure that, at the appropriate time, they will be in a position to ensure compliance, from a financial perspective, with the 1933 and 1934 federal securities acts as well as the rules pertaining to officer, director and other insider trading and stock and other equity plans, as well as Section 162(m) deduction limits, stock option repricings, global stock plans, and similar accounting issues.

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