Equity Management Solutions

Everything Equity™ offers state-of-the-art technology and outsourcing solutions for managing equity ownership information for pre-IPO, privately-held companies. With Everything Equity's cutting edge system architecture support (from Solium Transcentive®, one of our “Alliance Partners”) and full functionality, our customers are freed from the expense and administrative burdens customarily associated with in-house capitalization management.

We are dedicated to our market. We deliver our enterprise software technology solutions exclusively to pre-IPO, privately-held companies, most of which are currently located in the Greater Denver Metropolitian area. However, Everything Equity’s “Alliance Partners” provide similar services to privately-held companies in other geographic areas, as well as to service providers, such as securities brokerage firms and law firms, and to public companies as well. In that sense, our technology-driven outsourcing services are designed for both private and public companies.

Feel free to browse this site for details on our technology and services and how they can relieve you of those unnecessary administrative burdens and expense.

Our Capabilities

Everything Equity™ provides comprehensive outsourcing services for all of your capitalization management needs including stock issuance and tracking, stock option plan design and administration and capitalization table-generating services.

Our fully-integrated approach to capitalization management removes all the stock option tracking/stock transfer burdens currently performed by administrators at your company, as well as the costs associated with such activities, and combines them into one, professionally outsourced solution that continues to serve you right up to the point of IPO. After that, following a smooth transition of the responsibility to our Alliance Partner, Solium Transcentive® you’ll still be in good hands, with a company that has over thirty years of experience with publicly-traded companies and the tracking of their stock options. Seamlessly, effortlessly, and without any interruption to your business or your employees’ access to their critical information.

We achieve this by virtue of:

  • our experienced and dedicated equity management project managers; and
  • our industry-standard technology that generates the required information, in an integrated fashion, by continuously tracking all of a company’s outstanding equity, on a fully-diluted basis. It does this in a single system while providing company management, employees, internal and external auditors and the company’s law firm with customized, easily accessed, pertinent reports and transactions.

How Our Capabilities Can Help You

  • assures consistency in both the management and reporting of your company’s equity
  • enables tracking of the different forms of your company’s equity in one comprehensive database
  • minimizes outside advisory (both legal and accounting) expense and eliminates internal administration costs
  • eliminates reliance on mistake-ridden, internal tracking methods
  • allows quick and ready access to fully-diluted capitalization tables, reports and all related ledgers and workbooks
  • contains “full strength”, but user-friendly analytical tools most frequently requested by company management
  • provides on-line education to employees, hyperlinks to modeling tools and, most importantly, access to current information pertaining to individual equity holdings
  • facilitates superior communication with significant equity holders by providing ready access to equity ownership reports and analyses
  • permits routing of certain designated reports and transactions exclusively to those parties with a “need to know”
  • simplifies periodic and year-end FASB and accounting standards reporting
  • provides a smooth transition into Transcentive's public company stock option/equity management solutions
  • significantly reduces IT management and infrastructure cost associated with equity management
  • enhances productivity and results in substantial cost-savings
  • facilitates regulatory compliance
  • reduces liability exposure

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